Client: LIG Steiermark
Location: Grenadiergasse, Graz
Competition: 2005, Ankauf
Dimensions (usable area): 2.460 m²


It is intended to turn an excisting, old barracks-building into a modern office-complex for the traffic-administration for the Province of Styria. The building orients on the existing directions, bends, picks up the interplay of narrowing and widening and reinforces with its overhanging facade. The construction of a two metre high wall, which is typical for that area, fullfills the aspect of a clear definition of the courtyard and retaining the spacial quality of the street. The entrance is situated at the corners of the courtyard and the visitor is guided along the facade. During the night, the area can be closed by some sliding gates. The building will remain in its original appearance by reasons of protection of monuments. The new building steps down and will be open to the public. Terraces will ensure best lighting conditions and different spatial impressions.