Client: Tiroler Landeskrankenanstalten GmbH
Location: Hall in Tirol
Competition: 2014
Dimensions (usable area): 4.100 m²


The target of the competition was the creation of a child- and adolescent psychiatric hospital in the park. The attention was directed to identity, harmony, safety, intimity and an entire healthful atmosphere. The draft incorporates these targets and follows natural terrain conditions, the new structure corresponds to height and arrangement of the surroundings. The layout of the draft answers balance - on the one hand by economic rational aspects, on the other by arranging generous dimensioned free areas and courts, with natural light-flooded and climatized paths and lounges with varied views in all directions. All patients' rooms are directed towards south and orientate towards the court and the adjoing green space. Therapy and relaxing areas are located in east-west-orientated spaces. There's a clear separation between patients's areas in the south and staff- and administration-zones in the north, inbetween there are located the outpatient department and sanatorium school. The facade is multi-coloured and covered with a transparent lamellar structure - it warantees changing, manifold, vivacious surroundings and deals with all aspects of child- and adoloscent psychiatry. During daylight these aspects are met by natural light and sun protection, during night by artificial light. By reflecting the landscape in the facade the impression of a floating horizontal marked structure is created. The green spaces continue from the generous, surrounding park to the courts and atria and are designed differently: changing surfaces like stone floors, woodfloors/ terraces and green areas with unique trees, a lake, a green wall etc. accentuate the characteristics of the different free spaces.