Client: Wien Museum Projekt GmbH
Location: Wien
Competition: 2015


The Haerdtl-Building, originally conceived as a solitary, with the later addition of the Winterthur building is to be released again and emphasized in its solitary function through the extension. The protected stock remains intact and is extended by a new construction that intervenes like a bracket. The new building complements the horizontally accentuated museum building vertically by partially overbuilding, continues like a bracket and rejoins underground. The combination of the protected stock with a hovering component creates a succinct solitaire that fits into the existing building structure on a scale. The design seeks a balance between compactness and openness, on the one hand to ensure efficient, coherent exhibition spaces, and on the other to ensure that the appreciation of the east-facing Karlsplatz, presented by an open, spatially continuous structure. Through differentiation in form and materiality, the new museum should detach itself from the existing structure, stand out and, as a whole, reunite it in a symbiosis. In addition to the smooth natural stone cladding of the existing structure, the new structure is to receive a delicate shell of perforated metal in a patinated natural surface. The partly closed facade of the new structure glazed over in large areas encloses a texture of expanded metal, which reacts to the changing light open/ closed. day/ night. The immediately nearby forecourt with high quality of stay, flexible use as a stage for open air events of all kinds is largely covered. The sloping plaza with terrace-like elevation is suitable for events and offers covered places for about 500 visitors.