Client: BM Winkler
Location: Albert-Schweitzer-Gasse, Graz
Dimensions (usable area): 3.700 m²
Construction period: 2014 - 2017

Fotos: Helmut Pierer


The site is situated in the south of the Griesplatz in Graz and has a triangular shape. The development reacts to the shape and herewith closes the existing block-structure in the neighbourhood. The new building follows the triangular shape of the site and points southwards; it represents an urban prominent landmark. On the groundfloor, a new commercial area with six roofed parking lots is intended. On the first floor, in the building unit east, are accommodated office areas; the 33 living units are alloted from the first to the fifth upper floor. In the two-storey underground garage 37 parking places are available.