Client: Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz
Location: Beethovenstraße 8, Graz
Competition: 2017, 1. Preis
Construction period: 2017-2021

Fotos: D. Schreyer


Either in the outer shape, the internal structure, as well as in the materiality, the new structure stands out without dominating the overall picture of the stock. The cover made of metallic cladding should be smooth and shiny. The correspondingly large glazings open the new roof body to the yard and to the west-facing park. The lightweight construction made of a steel framework is placed on top of the existing supporting structure and appears as an independent form, deliberately detached from the existing structure, without competing with the stock proportions. The extension above the central tract creates a column-free open space to the west, which can be used as an auditorium or seminar room. The outer cover is given by large glazing and a covered decked terrace area. In the inventory, the central corridor axis is retained as the main development. The west-facing area is largely installation-free, so an open design is possible, glass wall elements allow light and visual relationship between the office and meeting rooms. The corridor axis with plenty of natural light is generously glazed, an open social room and lounge-like student lounge are arranged on both sides.