Client: Red Bull GmbH
Location: Oberwang, Oberösterreich
Competition: 2021


The basic design idea was to obtain maximum utilization for warehouses and workshops by means of an evenly connected base floor. A calm building in the possible dimensions contains the large factory halls and is stretched over them. A simple squared timber grid - based on historical farm buildings - holds this large building together as a homogeneous façade structure, independent of the openings and constructions behind it. The central entrance area with an ideal overview divides the building structure into access/parking and delivery/manipulation.
In order to obtain the greatest possible flexibility for the manipulation of trucks and forklifts, the structure of the building was placed as far as possible on the north-eastern boundary. The terrain offset of the existing situation is partially cut by logistics areas in order to obtain the necessary truck radii and parking areas at the main entrance.
The office wing is positioned above it as an independent beam. In front of the large factory halls and at the same time partly lying above the priority area, the best orientation and visual relationships without direct visibility are guaranteed. A spatially exciting and logical central position to emphasize the access is created by means of a simple and independent interlocking of the building structure.