Client: LIG Steiermark
Location: St. Peter am Kammersberg, Steiermark
Competition: 2008, 1.Preis
Dimensions (usable area): 3.800 m2
Construction period: 2010 - 2012
Building costs: 6,0 Mio. Euro

Fotos: Rainer Wührer
Dieses Projekt wurde mit dem ÖISS Schulbau-Oscar 2016 ausgezeichnet


The school for agriculture and nutrition, which has been expanded and conversed during the centuries, shall be renewed totally according to a potential analysis, organized newly and expanded in its functions. The historic castle is preserved in its spatial and constructional basic structure and supplied with necessary sanitary modules. The new teaching- and training rooms are located from north to south in a two-storey structure, incisioned into the slope on the westfront of the castle. In the external plants (courts and gardens) between castle and the main building structure of the addition and the expansion of the gym are provided different possiblities of vistas and views. Besides good lightening of rooms by the distances of the building structures are created views and various visual relations to the village. Simultaneously, a coherent and spatial framework of clear structures is created, which corresponds with the standards of the neighbourhood and adapts itself into the slope. The connection to the existing structures is ensued by two glazed structures, which interfere in the walls of the castle and pass through. The new building is two-storey. By immersing itself into the slope the total height of the new structure remains under the height of the existing wall. The new building keeps distance to the castle and interferes only in architectural necessary points.