Client: ÖGK Linz
Location: Garnisonsstrasse, Linz
Competition: 2020
Dimensions (usable area): 3660 m²


The aim of the design is a sensitive integration of the building into the heterogeneous urban-architectural environment of the existing development. According to the important function of the building in terms of urban development, as a distinctive corner development in the area of the intersection, a façade design and materialization of the building that is appropriate to the external appearance and contrasts with the existing building is proposed. The goal is a closed appearance of the new building through the surrounding, structured lamella facade with selective, large-scale openings in the area of the spacious waiting and general areas. A bright design of the metallic facade elements, slats, parapet cladding, window frames in contrast to the tinted, dark glass surfaces of the common areas and the ground floor is planned.