Client: Projekt Spielberg GmbH
Location: Flatschach, Steiermark
Construction period: 2015-2016

Fotos:  Helmut Pierer


It is a simple residential building (3 buildings) with small apartments and open access to the arcade, in the use as a staff house for the Project Spielberg GmbH in Spielberg. Two, offset in the longitudinal axis and staggered in the height residential latches form a building. The entire complex consists of three of these "double bars", which fit into the hill side situation. The apartments are oriented to the east and west, generous green spaces should avoid an urban character and gently integrate this building structure in the existing environment. The main local public infrastructure is ensued from the Schmiedgasse, via a crossing and parking structure running transversely to the buildings. The facade is designed as a perforated facade with large window elements without balconies and with curtain walls made of larch wood.