Client: City of Graz
Location: Algersdorfer Straße, Graz
Competition: 2013
Dimensions (usable area): 3.800 m²


The competition-site is located between the transition to a small-scale urban structure, on the one side and a vast open space on the other. The draft takes in the direction of the existing building, the "Neue Mittelschule Algersdorf", keeps its height deliberately lower to create a transition to the western, adjoining huge, green area. The groundfloor is kept back at the street-front, a huge, safe pre-zone is being created. On the upperfloor, there are situated loggias and free terraces in each cluster - thus it divides the unit and creates a possibility of providing light for the market place in the back. These - partly weather proof - terraces offer children the possibility to reach open space quickly. On the groundfloor there also is a generous, roofed area, which belongs to the special educational rooms - library and creative rooms - and one space for the "Whole-Day-Services", adjoining the mensa. The "Outdoor-Arena" is a place, where interior and exterior are connected. In the west it is terminated by a sitting-staircase with an adjacent chute-hill. This area can be used as break- and playing space on the one hand, on the other it offers enough space for different events.