Client: Stadt Bamberg
Location: Bamberg, Germany
Competition: 2006
Dimensions (usable area): 5.800 m²


The site is located at the historic "Mühlviertel" in Bamberg and is surrounded by water and a very old building-structure. The building is rising from the south with three floors, up to four floors on the northern end. The vertical contour is defined by kinks in the facade, which have their starting- and endpoints in the surrounding buildings. They lead the sculptural shape from the wide area in the southern part of the site into the tenser area in the north. The intension is a four-star hotel; in each upper floor there will be housed  13 rooms. In the third floor there is situated a wellness- and fitness-area with an extending roof-terrace and a swimming-pool. In the basement, which still has a view onto the water-surface, there is located the restaurant.