Client: Kepler Universitätsklinikum GmbH
Location: Linz, Austria
Competition: 2015, Recognition Award


The building volume is subdivided into a two-storey low-rise building which in the north takes in the building line of the blood center and in the east the building line of the AKH and in which three atria of different sizes are cut in for natural illumination of the inner zones. In the south a four-storey, three-aisled organized building is placed on the low building over the entire length - the roof above jumps back on all sides - thus on the street side, a six-storey appearance emerges. The departure of the street line from the existing underground car park entrance creates a generously dimensioned forecourt as well as a representative entrance area - as a social and cultural location for the entire hospital area. A generous entrance with distribution function and sufficient waiting areas for students are connected to all the public functions: concierge, service area, café, ÖH and event hall - with the linked, interconnectable lecture halls. The event hall is two-storeyed, a spiral staircase as a "staircase sculpture" leads on to the library, which is designed as a gallery and oriented towards the forecourt. Following the foyer, the general teaching is situated on the ground floor. The three differently greened inner courtyards, which illuminate the utility rooms and the circulation of the building in alternating sequence, break the linear extension, create an entanglement of inside and outside and produce differentiated, varied insights and outlooks. The four exterior facades are to be designed uniformly with a diaphanous skin made of glass or a metal texture - vertical, rotatable sun blinds with photorealistic screen printing or differentiated hole pattern. The topping is built in reinforced concrete skeleton construction.