Client: Stadtgemeinde Wolkersdorf
Location: Wolkersdorf, Lower Austria
Competition: 2010, 3.Prize
Dimensions (usable area): 1.000 m²


At the periphery of rural structures, determined by emanating urban planning compacting, close to the Federal School Centre of Wolkersdorf, is the site for the new kindergarten. The position of the structure ensures clear functional separation between areas of arriving (forecourt, parking) and resting (outdoor-areas for children). The building presents itself clearly and closed. The compact cubic structure is organized by a heightened developing axis. The entrance-zone is architecturally striking and evident for arrivals. The interior-space is clearly arranged and functionally well-ordered. Group-rooms are positioned to south-west, moving-rooms to south-east; hereby best natural lightening and direct reference to nature are ensured. The entrances to the group-rooms inc. adjoining zones are situated along the “developing-path” as well, as the areas of atrium and multipurpose-room. A game-wall is mounted opposite, which offers group-overlapping special functions. The moving-rooms can be shaped flexible with mobile sliding elements. The lounge can be integrated into this moving- and event-unit. The connection with the adjoining green space, its permanent relation between interior and exterior is part of the entire draft of building and landscape.