Client: KAGes Steiermark
Location: Feldbach, Steiermark
Competition: 2014, 3. Preis
Dimensions (usable area): 650 m²


The target of the competition is a one-storey, raised addition to the intensive care unit of the hospital in Feldbach with 14 beds and secondary rooms. The draft does not situate the services on the roof, but in the basement. Hereby the new building units are reduced and the views from the existing building to northeast and northwest are not limited; views to the characteristic existing structure at the northeastern side are being preserved. Most of the new beds are orientated towards the windows, with views to the exterior. The rooms and lounges are equipped with room-high glazing which guarantees enough natural lighting, in spite of very deep tracts. In front of the continuous strip windows a by-passing is planned, which will be used as sun - protection and service way. In front of the service and social room it can be used as a balcony.