Client: Nationalparkzentrum Hohe Tauern Errichtungs- und Verwaltungs- GmbH
Location: Mittersill, Salzburg
Competition: 2005, Ankauf
Dimensions (usable area): 2.460 m²


The national-park-centre "Hohe Tauern Errichtungs-und Verwaltungs-GmbH" intends to build a new centre for visitors, research and documentation, as well as for the administration in Mittersill. The building is an closed, independent, and free developing body. A volumina with an aesthetic appearance, an architectural landscape, an interaction of landscape, body and space. The building orients along the given edge of the road, bends, adapts the interaction of widening and narrowing and intensifies with an overhanging bulge. Along the bent facade, the visitor is guided to the entry. The building is terraced down towards the natural surroundings, towards the level of the park with water-surfaces. These terraces enable better sun- and lighting-conditions and are also creating different spatial experiences. The elevated position from the terraces allows a good view into the nature, situated in the north. The visitor's perspective changes from the strictly confined street towards the open natural space. This impression is underlined by floating spatial borders and its functional and material definition.