Client: GBG Gebäude- und Baumanagement Graz GmbH
Location: Waagner-Biro-Straße, Graz
Competition: 2015, Recognition Award


The New Secondary School is planned as a closed building along Waagner-Biro-Straße with a parallel side building. To the west of the main building lies the two-storey wing for the full-day school and the gymnasiums. The main building is planned as a 5-storey building. The top floor is designed as a roof garden, which is bounded at the top by an elevated construction for the solar systems ("solar roof"). In the attic, the roof garden under the solar collectors is available as an open space (learning, sports, urban gardening). The 2-storey basement zone with foyer, cloakrooms and auditorium is positioned in the middle of the building, in the north and south of the base zone is open to the property and provides a generous, covered forecourt with a view of the green areas for elementary and new secondary school. The building is cut through on the 3rd floor by a 2-storey opening between elementary school and new secondary school - "window to the city". Here, in the middle of the school clusters, a covered outdoor area is planned, which can be used for outdoor activities. The detached component from the main building for all-day school on the ground floor and above the gymnasiums are "in the countryside", the two-storey connecting corridors in the north and south border a closed courtyard between the auditorium and all-day school. The structure is clearly formulated and the functions can be read from the outside. As a construction for the school, solid construction/ reinforced concrete is chosen for the basement zones, the upper floors are planned in timber construction. Value is placed on energy-efficiency and ecology of the building.