Client: Land Oberösterreich
Location: Am Volksgarten, Linz
Competition: 2005, Acquisition
Dimensions (usable area): 34.000 m²


The client intends the establishment of a new music theatre which should set a clear accent into the urban surrounding. The positioning of the building based on the functionality, the traffic-solution and the recognition as a "music-theatre". The character of a landmark in relation to the north-south-axis ( Landstrasse - Wienerstrasse), and a clear orientation towards the public park on the opposite side of the road are the basic elements. A clear, wedge-shaped body, is aiming to seperate the railroad-tracks from the site. With an opening to the west, it underlines the north-south-axis. Dynamic surfaces are strenghthening the structure in its form as a music-theatre of the 21st century. Following functions are included: auditorium, stage, rehearsal-stage Bruckner-Orchestre, open-air-stage, bar.