Client: City of Vienna
Location: Rathausstrasse, Vienna
Competition: 2013
Dimensions (usable area): 16.000 m²


The draft is divided into two parts: the western structure to the Auerspergstraße develops from the Landesgerichtsstraße by a bigger projection upwards and a distribution towards Auerspergstraße. The height of the structure develops step by step from south with eight floors towards north/ city hall with nine floors and underlines the cantilevering and twisting. The eastern building unit grasps the proportions of the cityhall, referring the depth and height of the structure and intercedes between Rathausstraße and the western building structure. Both parts are formally and functionally one unit. Inbetween,  there is a middle-zone with a generous atrium as the centre of the building. Thus is created an open, green developing- and common-zone which serves as the "green lung" of the building.