Client: STP Wohnungserrichtungs- und Immobiliengesellschaft m.b.H
Location: Marburger Straße 10, Graz
Competition: 2019


The building mass distribution follows the existing structure and provides a compact development with generous access zones, entrances and passageways in the area of Marburgerstraße and Purgleitnerstraße. This allows good orientation and differentiated, relaxed housing to the green yard. The building heights are graded from a 5-storey on the subsequent 4-storey building to the two-storey court buildings. A coherent spatial structure of clear and compact structures is created, which corresponds with the scale of the environment. The structure of the buildings, the irregular arrangement of the apartments with projections and recesses, the emphasis on vertical development create spatial variety and identity. Public, semi-public and private outdoor areas with corresponding differentiated design are essential criteria in the design of outdoor areas in interaction with the buildings. In the open spaces between the structures transparency and continuity are given, creating diverse spatial relationships. The quality of the outdoor spaces continues in the interiors via generously glazed living areas. The apartment layouts are designed so they have private open spaces both on the street side as well as on the courtyard side and allow cross-ventilation. The semi-public, shared outdoor areas are arranged on the ground floor and on roof terraces in the upper floors. Green areas cover terraces, balconies and roofs and allow for shared use of flat roof areas for urban gardening. Unused flat roofs are extensively vegetated. Rainwater use is planned for garden irrigation. PV systems in the area of staircases and as flight roofs are used to operate the common lighting of stairs, corridors and outdoor areas and for the charging stations of e-bikes.