Client: Tauernkliniken GmbH
Location: Mittersill, Salzburg
Competition: 2018, 1st Prize


On the existing building, a one-storey, geometrically simple, quiet structure is placed, which takes up the outer contours of the existing building, but without taking into account various projections and recesses. The stepping of the stock up is to be replenished during the conversion in order to create in all levels the same sized stations with the same number of beds, the same floor plan layout and the same room types with variable bed structure to optimize the stations for the staff. The three-storey annex in the north is built on the ground floor and on the first floor directly to the property boundary in the west, stepped up and organized three-aisled with a courtyard on the second floor for better exposure of the infrastructure provision zones and a covered roof terrace and a roof garden for the nursing level geriatrics on the third floor. The addition of the existing building is designed as a lightweight construction in KLH timber construction in order to reduce construction time to a minimum because of a lot prefabrication in the factory. The planned wooden facade ensures a high degree of recyclability. The supporting system for the extension is a reinforced concrete skeleton construction with flat slabs in an economically reasonable design grid. The stiffening of the entire system takes place via a massive access core with staircase, bed lift and shaft. The objective of the draft is to provide optimal functionality, economic management, internal flexibility as well as extensibility or adaptation to medium-term changes of use.