Client: Geb.errichtungs - Betriebs GmbH, St. Pölten
Location: St. Pölten, Niederösterreich
Competition: 2011
Dimensions (usable area): 10.500 m²


The creation of an engineering centre according to urban planning demands of the existing WIFI-building, aiming at identity and functionality, is of architectural significance. Clear, urban planning structures with compact, calm building units, a stringent architectural language ensure efficiency and lastingness. Location and shaping of both buildings "Engineering and New Design University" - two simply shaped, three- and four-storey building units with good illumination conditions by interconnecting patios - guarantee functional correlations. The buildings are connected by transparent clasps which serve as joints one with another. Height and arrangement of the building units for the new WIFI-Engineering Centre (in their ground plan projections they are rectangles in well balanced side proportions) are referring to the surrounding heterogene building structures.