Client: Familie Liaunig
Location: Lavamünd / Neuhaus, Kärnten
Dimensions (usable area): 2.000 m²
Construction period: 1991-1992

Fotos: Helmut Tezak


The Renaissance castle, built at the beginning of the 16th century, was constructed on the original walls of an older building and had been modified several times over the centuries. Conspicious features are the irregularities of distances between the columns, vaults and the quadrangle. And the clarity of the building is frequently disrupted. The owners are considerably versed in art and architecture, which is apparent in their approach to the conversion. The primary usage of of steel and glass creates a clear contrast to the historic walls. A channel in the ground connects the courtyard with the exterior space, while the new stairwell of glass allows spectacular perspectives which are a result of slicing through the existing historic fabric. The owner had in fact been responsible for the refurbishment of the Fundernovum building. And thus he chose Domenig.