Client: Dr. Helmut Marko
Location: Schönaugasse, Graz
Dimensions (usable area): 5.000 m²
Construction period: 1999-2000

Fotos: Paul Ott


Originally drafted as a three-star hotel, the idea arose to come up to higher demands in the course of the planning phase. This was the result of the client's - Dr. Helmut Marko's - appraisal of attracting business-men staking on individuality. The aimed unmistakable architecture finds its equivalent in the client's passion for first-class art which he presents in the public spaces and rooms of his hotel. The result confirms the client's demands. His house is included as a four-star hotel in the list of Designhotels and now figures an outstanding billeting of the 36 rooms and 20 apartments. The floor plan is completed with conference- and wellness-rooms just as a restaurant. The facade materials - steel, glass, stone - are contrasting clearly with the roughcast-architecture in the neighbourhood and give the impression of a sculptural solitaire.