Client: Zentralsparkasse und Kommerzialbank Wien
Location: Favoritenstraße, Wien
Dimensions (usable area): 1.100 m²
Construction period: 1976-1979


The functional interior space can be read from outside. The interacting, half-story displaced floors are summarised in one single room, which connects the out-and inside with its overhanging "mouth". Veins of movement and rest areas are determing the general use. The municipal use in the upper floors is elevated - "the house with the kink". The shape of the roof is adding up to the whole of the building and links the sky to the ground. Concrete, steel and metal are the dominating materials. Each material appears in the way it was manufactured. Construction and technical installations are displayed open. All of these arcitectural elements are part of the design, linked to the whole appearance of the building and also to the neighbourhood. The interaction of these parts is resulting in the complex unity of this kind of architecture.