Client: Schauersberg Immobilien Ges.m.b.H.
Location: Brockmanngasse 12, Graz
Construction period: 2019

Fotos: Helmut Pierer


The tapering new building completes the row of houses along Brockmanngasse and keeps a distance to the northern existing buildings. An underground car park with car lift and 5 residential units were planned, including 4 single-storey apartments and a maisonette. The main building continues in the building line of the stock. On the street side, the facade runs vertically to the existing eaves of the adjoining building, above which the facade folds back as a sloping roof. The north facade is designed as a closed sloping facade with recessed, glazed apartment fronts behind narrow balconies. On the courtyard side, the apartments have spacious terraces. The ground floor zone with the garage entrance is slightly set back and emphasized horizontally. Compared with the plaster facades of the existing buildings, the new building structure differs in form and materiality. In addition to the oblique and vertical glazing, the closed facade and parapet areas are clad in metal composite panels. The new structure with large glazing and the bronze-colored metal shell over the facade and roof, adapted to the color of the adjoining roofs and facades, should ensure harmoniously inserted, new architecture in a historic environment.