Client: Dr. Helmut Marko
Location: Sackstrasse, Graz
Dimensions (usable area): 1.000 m²
Construction period: 1993 - 1994
Building costs: 1,8 Mio. Euro

Fotos: Paul Ott


There was set the task to close an urban-planning hurt by a symbolizing building at the acute converge of the Kaiser-Franz-Josef Kai and the Sackstraße. On the one side there is the river Mur, on the other the Schlossberg contrasts as vertical line. The client, Dr. Helmut Marko, owner of the Schlossberghotel next, wanted to relate a restaurant to the hotel and create office- and business-spaces. The urban-planning relations were embodied by a component-beam, positioned parallel to the river Mur. The orientation of the buildings in the Sackstraße cuts this body sharply. As a symbol of the gate-situation there was supplied an office-tower which rises above the surrounding buildings.