Client: Stadt Nürnberg
Location: Reichsparteitagsgelände Nürnberg, Deutschland
Competition: 1998, 1.Preis
Dimensions (usable area): 4.600 m²
Construction period: 2000-2001
Building costs: 10,9 Mio. Euro

Fotos: Gerald Zugmann


An awarded, invited competition offers an extraordinary task. A new centre of documentation shall be inserted into the existing spaces in the north wing of the Congress Hall at the Nazi-Party Rally Grounds. The theme of the planned exhibition is being intensified by material reality of ideological-identical architecture and it is a "reminder memorial" - in the true sense of the word - of negative contemporary history. The built "rudiment" only is the beginning of an incomprehensible demonstration of power of an exterior phenotype which was thought for mass rallies of monumental military stagings. The ideology is made visible and perceptible in architecture by axiality, material and dimension - built demonstration of power demand.  The attitude of the draft is hurting the monumental existing structure. A "spear" of glass and steel bores through the voluminous brick-walls and breaks the axiality, creates spatial insights with the necessary distance to strange dimensions. The built-in units are light and are suspended in a deconstructivistic way in the irksome surroundings and use them as scenery. They contain the Centre of Documentation with the changing-exhibition, the meeting- and connection-zone and the forum for studying.