Client: Perscha-Porr
Location: Herrenboden, Steiermark
Construction period: 2003

Fotos: Paul Ott


It was in June 2002 - the group Perscha - PORR was heading towards Mariazell - when in front of the alpine hut at the Herrenboden once again, the since years arising theme about the construction of a memorial came up for discussion -  but this time definitely, indeed. It should not be one of the common crosses situated on the Zellerweg, it should be something special. On our way on the Kreuzberg I had called Guenther Domenig, yet. He wanted to involve the landscape at and around the Herrenboden in his work and so he inspected the place himself in August the same year and took notes. In March 2003 Guenther Domenig presented the draft to our group and discussed the shape and kinds of material with us. After clarifying different questions with the site owner, the Austrian Federal Forests and the Caritas, who also intended to set up a cross at the Herrenboden, in June 2003 the definite position - it is the place, favoured by our group - of the sculpture produced by SFL was pinpoint. The same month the "cross", which we named "Madonna of the Herrenboden", was set up (flown in) and consecrated and blessed by Father Philipp Helm, who was on the way to Mariazell with us then.  

Werner Perscha