Client: Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein
Location: Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Competition: 2002
Dimensions (usable area): 10.000 m²
Construction period: 2005-2008
Building costs: 20 Mio. Euro

Fotos: Rainer Wührer


The composition of the education centre Mühleholz I shapes a distinctive point in its orientation and spacious definition, situated between settled and unsettled areas. A generous integration into nature offers the building, classified as a monument building and designed by Architect Gisel the required space and structure. On the one hand the essential challenge for the new project was forming a contrast with the existing building and on the other hand solving the architectural-urban task of possible synergies and the striking building Mühleholz I as an independent working school. The new object considers itself an extension of the existing education centre and also takes fundamental inputs from the existing building. Both buildings are situated along a common green area between them. The building takes its rise from the site. It grows from the ground, up to the Schaanerstraße. The inclined slab is the most striking sign for this fact; it leads the pupils to school and marks a clear horizontal separation between education and sports, but at the same time traces the position of the site.