Client: Magistrat der Stadt Wien
Location: Simonsgasse-Rosenbergstrasse, Wien
Dimensions (usable area): 5.260 m²
Construction period: 1994-1996


A direct commission by the City of Vienna lead to the draft of an Elementary School in the urban development district Essling. In the area Simonsgasse/ Rosenbergstraße mainly heterogene one-family houses are connected with the site. The draft intends a structure which radiates a logical and determining effect on the surroundings. The main axis of the project extends from north to south. In this axis there is situated "a beam" with an attached gym, library and central arena with the dining hall and multi-purpose hall. From this main axis an oscillation grows to the north (main direction of the town extension), where are located the classrooms - two storey and lightly shifted one upon the other. The classrooms in the ground floor are developed rampantly and dispose of natural light by glass-roofs. The barrier-free developmental organization makes possible uses beyond school-concerns (e.g. in the gym).