Client: Schauersberg Immobilien GmbH
Location: Engelgasse 6, Graz
Construction period: 2018

Fotos: Helmut Pierer


The residential building in Engelgasse in Graz was built with 25 apartments and an underground car park. The structure of the elongated, four-storey building is made by two staircases, which form a continuous, vertical, glazed caesura. The ground floor, half-storey higher-lying apartments are assigned with terraces and green areas. The apartments on the upper floor each have a balcony, the apartments on the top floor have roof terraces, which are accessed via outside stairs. Balcony and terrace railings are made of glass, the facade is planned as a plaster facade in light gray tone and coarse structure. The courtyard-side facade is structured alternately by projecting balconies and bay windows and is largely glazed due to the arrangement of the living and dining areas. The northwestern facade seems to be rather closed, as here mainly bedrooms and bathrooms are situated. The roof of the residential building is a flat roof with extensive greening, the roofing of the underground car park ramp and the underground car park are intensively landscaped and planted. The 3rd floor was divided into two buildings, with a cut roof terrace. The elongated structure thus undergoes a stronger structure and the appearance approaches the northern, villa-like housing development.