Client: „Gründer Innovations- u. Gewerbezentrum“ Besitz GmbH
Location: Völkermarkt, Kärnten
Competition: 1993
Dimensions (usable area): Flügel 507 m², Hallen 1.724 m²
Construction period: 1994-1995

Fotos: Gerald Zugmann


The State of Austria and the Province of Carinthia decided to develop the region of Völkermarkt economically to provide 800 new long-term jobs. An area on the green meadow was rededicated and a competition carried out; Guenther Domenig was awarded with the first prize. His project "GIG" - an administration-building with manufactoring halls - gives a bold and architectural sculptural sign right at the entrance of the new industrial park. It is placed in the southeastern corner of the slightly sloping area and presents a remarkable solution with its clever nexus of significant administration-building and very functional industrial halls. The administration-building is based on a slab from which you can reach directly the lower situated halls, connected by energy-sources in their longitudinal axis. The parking-garages are situated under the slab. On this lower level there is also the approach to the halls. The administration-building is conceived as a "suspended oscillation" (Domenig), with a bent steel-wing, which disintegrates from the compact and heavy to the graceful and filigree. The "bowl of the administration" (Domenig) is defined as a kind of vitrious body that accomodates attractive - in some cases split-level - offices. The elevator and the glazed staircase are attached at the side of the halls. If you know the common architectural desert of industrial- and business-zones, this building is something special: the sculptural form of this little building is unique in a deconstructivistic time.