Client: Josef und Gabriele Gunkel
Location: Halblech, Deutschland
Construction period: 2003


The new building is located in the building line of the existing building and is connected to the existing structure with a steel bridge. The traffic connection takes place directly over the newly built access road of the commercial area. The existing architecture of the immediate area is characterized by rural forms, which are found in modified form, in changed proportions in this industrial area. The aim was to build a new building, which is organized through the formation of the structure in outwardly readable functional areas: the workshop on the ground floor, the office area on the upper floor cantilevering, the store over two floors with inclined glass facade as the center of the building group, placed in the arranged structures without taking over the usual saddle roof shape. The load-bearing components are made of reinforced concrete (walls and ceilings) and steel (columns, bridge and roof construction). The facades on the ground floor of the workshop are a closed facade with light strips, on the upper floor and in the shop area designed as an aluminum glass facade. The interior has been made using lightweight walls and suspended ceilings, the materials used in floors and stairs are natural stone and wood.