Client: Krankenhaus der Elisabethinen Graz GmbH
Location: Elisabethinergasse, Graz
Dimensions (usable area): 2.600 m2
Construction period: 2011 - 2013
Building costs: 7,1 Mio. Euro

Fotos: Rainer Wührer
in ARGE mit Generalplan GmbH Austria


The aim was the creation of a restraint, contemporary design of the building, as an unobtrusive continuation of the existing structures, built in several stages. The retention is also visible in the interior, where warm tinges convey cosyness and exclusive surfaces show timelessness. Generous areas of glazing provide views to the exterior at every time, the rooms of the intensive care unit and the "dayrooms" on the upper floors - accessible to patients and visitors - are located towards the patient garden; the rooms for the special class patients are orientated towards south and have loggias for their own. Clear and logical paths facilitate orientation. The very high building and installation service standards are being kept on in the area of the general station.