Client: Ing. Robert Winkler GmbH
Location: Krausgasse 12, Graz
Construction period: ab 2017


The organziation of the six-storey structure is carried out by terraced grading of the three main buildings and by projecting and receding balconies. The weather-protected entrances are accentuated by a spacious, covered pre-zone as a general area and accessed via a footpath along the emergency access. The apartments in the top two floors are set back and have associated terraces. The facades are irregularly structured by window elements of different sizes, some of which can be opened over a large area, in accordance with the respective spatial uses. Balcony and terrace railings are partially solid and closed, partially transparent glass or wire mesh, the facade is a plaster facade in light gray color and coarse structure. The south and west facades are articulated by projecting and recessed balconies and are largely glazed due to the arrangement of the living and dining areas. Rather closed, the north and east facades appear, as here mainly bedrooms and bathrooms are located. The roofs of the residential buildings are flat roofs with extensive greenery, the roofing of the underground car park ramp and the underground car park are intensively greened and planted with shrubs and trees. All apartments and the underground parking are barrier-free.