Client: Hospital Elisabethinen
Location: Elisabethinergasse, Graz
Construction period: 2013-2014


The Lourdes Chapel in the garden of the hospital had to give way to the new building of the intensive care unit in 2011. In Architect Wallner's draft of the new chapel two axial, symmetrical roof shells form the coat of the space, opening themselves towards the garden and the hospital. This coat is a weather protector for the Statue of the Holy Mary and offers seat in the interior and the small forecourt. Light and water are the two elements which determine the design of the Lourdes Grotto. The joint in the roof and the projection on the floor as a water fissure are arranged axially towards the centre. From the system of the light and water transporting joints develops a structure, which serves as a candle row with a stow away and console for the Lourdes Madonna.