Client: Hansa Privatklinikum Graz
Location: Körblergasse 42, Graz
Competition: 2021
Dimensions (usable area): 5408 m²


The theming of a clinic in the park is of architectural importance, with a special focus on identity, harmony, security and intimacy, overall a health-promoting atmosphere.
The height and structure of the new building have been developed from the officially prescribed distance regulations (in the south, an overbuilding of the building line towards Körblergasse was allowed) and refer to the scale of the surrounding building structure.
An urban green space design along Körblergasse extends into the gaps between the new buildings as a joint to the existing building, thereby strengthening the appearance of the complex and creating new quality of stay.
The shape of the building – e.g. T. elevated and extensively glazed in the public area - generates a permeability from the Körblergasse to the adjacent green space belt.
The floor plan layout follows the principle of balance:
on the one hand economically rational specifications with a stringent, clear development matrix, on the other hand generously dimensioned outdoor areas and courtyards as well as the greatest possible daylight supply and natural lighting of the corridors and lounges - with a varied play of
Looking in, out and through.