Client: KABEG LKH Villach
Location: Villach, Kärnten
Competition: 2016, 1. Preis

Fotos: D. Schreyer
in ARGE mit VD Architekten ZT GmbH


The LKH Villach is essentially organized in three construction stages from the late 1970s to the 1980s and other smaller building complexes. The project "Restructuring Construction Stage I" includes a reorganization of the first construction stage. In the course of planning, parts of the medical department, the department for paediatrics and the psychiatric department are being worked on. The existing building will be completely renovated and extended to the west by an extension.

The construction work will be carried out in construction phases. In the first construction phase, the extension will be built over the existing two-storey underground car park as a reinforced concrete skeleton structure. The garage will be statically upgraded and completely renovated, in the east a connection to the existing building will be built in the two basement floors. In the second construction phase, the existing building stage I will be completely renovated. The high building will be gutted and statically renovated, a three-storey annex in the west will be demolished and the new building will be erected to the west to close the gap to the first construction phase, which is currently in operation.

The L-shaped addition to the west is planned with a central atrium, while atriums are cut into the existing building to form terraces in the north and south. The building has a caesura on the north facade with patient terraces on the two upper floors. The facades are designed as ribbon facades and take up the floor structure of the existing construction stages II and III, to which the building is connected via a bridge structure. The layout of the nursing stations is designed in such a way that all bases are naturally lit, the service facilities are located in the middle zone. All patient rooms have disabled-friendly bathrooms. Examination, treatment, therapy and meeting rooms as well as administrative facilities are located in blocks close to the main access.