Client: Schauersberg Immobilien Ges.m.b.H.
Location: Rechbauerstrasse 61, Graz
Construction period: 2015

Fotos: Helmut Pierer


The original corner house, descending from the period of promoterism, with its sloped corner, accentuated corner erection and various roof fittings was reconstructed after a bombing in World War II in the years between 1954 and 1956. The polygonal corner became a rounded edge with a cantilevering balcony and large window openings. A semi-circular bay room was added to the back elevation. In progress of expanding the roof, the existing structure (basement, groundfloor, first floor) was preserved and stabilized. The new roof structure grasps the elongates of the existing structure, but is separated cleary from the lower building unit by a horizontal caesura. The stressing of the existing corner is continued in the expansion. The edges and planes of the new roof structure are chained and recessed. The existing structure remains determining for the street space, the expansion stresses the corner situation and recesses along the street fronts, hovering over the existing moulding. In the garden elevation, the existing, dominant motive of the bay is picked up and extended in a new form. The chained roof with a cut in terrace forms the upper close. Compared with the plaster facade of the existing structure, the roof unit contrasts by lightness in construction and materials. The lightweight construction with large-panel glazing and the bronze-/copper-coloured metal facade- and roof-covering, according to the surrounding structures and roofs shall ensure harmoniously added, new architecture in historic surroundings.