Client: BIG, Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft mbH
Location: Universitätspatz, Graz
Competition: 2009, 1.Preis
Dimensions (usable area): 5.500 m²
Construction period: 2011 - 2015

Fotos: Frankl, Pierer


The main task is the functional renewal of the existing buildings and the extrication of barriers. The urban planning situation at the Sonnenfelsplatz and the entrance to the Institute of Chemistry of the KFU Graz located there is to be upgraded. An additional, central foyer shall be created - as a lounge and a link between the historic existing and the additional building, which reaches from the the ground floor to the first basement. Here shall be added laboratories for the students of different institutes, seminar rooms and the existing auditorium, which will be positioned as a solitaire. In the landscape designed innercourt shall be created additional communication areas. Using of daylight in the corridors and lingering areas there as well as a glassed bridge between existing and additional building with communication areas should increase the transparency of the building. The laboratories and offices of the four special fields have been put together to compact units. The office-/ desk-areas are positioned centrally to provide concentrated installation.