Client: Kardinal Schwarzenber Klinikum
Location: Schwarzach im Pongau, Salzburg
Competition: 2021
Dimensions (usable area): 7419 m²


The design for the new construction of Section E of the Cardinal Schwarzenberg Clinic in Schwarzach envisages a five-storey building in the south and three-storey in the north - due to the hillside location - whose floor plan configuration in the form of an irregular pentagon follows the topographical conditions and the given framework conditions of the existing building :
A connecting clasp to the existing building takes up the access axis between components A and D, the façade in the south-east follows the exterior alignment of component C and bends to the north in the area of ??the clasp to form a spatial conclusion for the square of the Church of St. Maria.
For the planned connection to component D, the advantages and disadvantages must be weighed up:
The planning envisages a stringent development with clear orientation - with the disadvantage of losing one room per floor - pivoting the clasp would be the more economical solution - by reducing the intervention in the existing building.
To the west, the building takes up the street alignment of Vinzenz-Strasse, to the north the façade follows the building boundary line due to the topography.
An atrium has been cut into the middle of the building in order to be able to naturally illuminate all work and recreation rooms.
The massiveness of the structure is broken up by incisions at the corners - partly covered open areas of the psychiatric nursing wards - and a recessed component in the north of the 3rd floor - fire brigade access to the escape staircase of component C.