Client: Schauersberg Immobilien GmbH
Location: Schwindgasse 4, 8042 Graz
Dimensions (usable area): 439 m²
Construction period: 2020

Rendering: new ages


According to the dedication and the configuration of the property, two buildings - each in a proportion of about 2/3 - are arranged on the property in such a way that they are connected to each other by an underground car park. The appearance of the two residential buildings should correspond to the character of the adjacent villas and low-rise buildings. The solid construction with plaster facade and generous glazing with wood-aluminium profiles and extensive terraces should reinforce this property. All flat roofs will be greened and the semi-public green areas will be landscaped. The front building to the south (House 1) has two floors. There are two residential units in this sub-area, each with private green areas and spacious balconies. The rear, northern building (House 2) has two floors and has a penthouse floor set back on all sides. In this building there are three storey apartments and a maisonette. Between the two solitaires is an intensively green children's play area, which, like the residential buildings, is accessed from the east side of the property.