Client: m2 Baumanagement GmbH
Location: Zagreb, Kroatien

Shopping / Verwaltung 118.650 m²
Highrise Hotel / Büros      26.500 m²
Modell: Hubert Schuller
Modellfotos: Paul Ott


The area is located in Buzin - in the south of Zagreb - and it is delimited by a rail section in the north and west, in the south by the motorway and in the east by a 2-level road net.A circular supply network, parallel with the rail section, warrants flexible and secure delivery. The area can be divided into Mall, Towers and "Finger" -  the office- and administration-wing in the south. The Shopping-Mall with the parking deck is perceived as a calm, 2-level unit. Its strictly processed ring, continuing in the access/exit ramp to/from the parking deck, imparts the entire structure a secure complexity.  From the mall centre, there is developed a glass-unit whose direction is reinforced by the parallel graded canopy. A cracked level of sunshading slats forms a calm transition from the parking deck to the terrace situation and defines the main entrance of the Shopping-Centre (=EKZ). At the eastern facade a wedge-unit grows from the parking deck, parallel to the roof-light. Its directions/ cracks, strenghthened by the glass path, define the facades of the transverse, calm and elegant "Finger". A parallel developed path penetrates the junction and cuts a glen to the "Infield" of the complex. The edges of the "roof wedge" define the directions of the hotel- and the office-tower. These autonomous glass units at the north-eastern corner serve as "landmarks" for the whole area. Lightly cracked and cantelevering facades impart dynamics and form the vertical architectural beginning and completion.