Client: Projekt Spielberg GmbH
Location: Spielberg, Steiermark
Dimensions (usable area): 16.150 m²
Construction period: 2008-2015

Fotos: Walter Luttenberger



Workshop-building At the infield of the track, bordered by pit-track and drivingdynamics-area, the workshop-building is situated. All workshop-pits are central with corresponding side-rooms and development-cores, which can be opened by sliding-gates to the drivingdynamics-area and the pit-track. At the eastern end of the long structure are located the technical and medical station. In the first upper-floor are the VIP-Lounges which warrant best view to the track and the pit-track by sloping glazing and loggias. Equipped at high-level (bar, tea kitchen, sanitaries), they - and also the pits below - can be connected with flexible separatings. The security-central and course-watch are designed as one autonomous, glazed structure. Schönberghof In the north of the Schoenberg-straight is located the existing restaurant and accommodation "Schoenberghof". In the existing basement are the main-entrance, the reception and delivery, in the new unit, built to the south, there are housed additional rooms. The roof is a panoramic terrace for the restaurant in the ground-floor, which was extended with a glass-cube. Infopoint The infopoint is a point of orientation at the circuit. It serves as a reception-building for visitors, guests and organizers. On the groundfloor, there are the "Info-Counter" and shopping-zones, on the first floor is located a gastronomic area. A roof terrace  with a bridge towards the existing building warrants best view on the "race-track".

Pits supermoto/motocross Drafted only for bike-industry and without constant engagements, 20 double-pits are lined up in the ground-floor. Huge, bi-wing gates at the service-zone and sliding-gates at the pit-track-side allow simple and quick use.