Location: Industriestrasse 32, 8200 Gleisdorf
Competition: 2016, 1. Rang
Construction period: 2017

Fotos: Helmut Pierer


The existing building was extended by a two-storey annex, the connection area was rebuilt. The extension of the office building follows the triangular shape of the site and forms a very acute angle on the southeast side. The distinctive wedge shape, blended with sloping facade, is dominant and shapes its appearance in a heterogeneous, unstructured environment. The roof was designed as a flat roof with a central glass roof. The facade is a curtain-wall facing, ventilated metal facade made of aluminum composite panels with window lines in between. The window hinges consist of fixed glazed and openable elements with an external, electrically driven sunshade. In order to achieve a uniform appearance of the entire office building, the existing facade was also renewed in the same materiality. The new appearance of the entire building is the color metallic-silver gray. The outdoor areas and staff parking spaces have been redesigned.