Client: MM Liegenschaftsbesitz GmbH, Wien
Location: Rennweg, Wien
Dimensions (usable area): 119.000 m²
Construction period: 2002-2004

Architektur Consult ZT GmbH (Domenig/Eisenköck/Peyker)


An architectural beat of wings. It sweeps aside whatever there exists in office buildings of huge dimensions in Austria. It is an urban planning statement on the high-rise hysteria of our times. This building does not stretch itself heavenward, even though it is high. It lies. It lies earthbound, but at the same time it rises. A complex sculpture, static – and yet in motion. It is termed inner-city expansion, even though the area is the Schlachthausgründe sector in Vienna. An industrial sector in the middle of the city, situated between South-eastern expressway and the city, not far from the gasometres. It is one of the most important development sectors of the federal capital. It is an almost rugged landscape of buildings, easy to access and navigate via many roads. It completely redefines the Rennweg for the surrounding quarters and brings the big city to the city fringe. The building complex offers much more than a privileged working environment for many people. It is suitable for a large range of uses – even catering – which will also be of benefit to the immediate surroundings. Architecture with huge cantilevers, expansive structural volume, supported by only one pillar, multi-story entrance and distribution area, offices with exceptional height, all adapted to today’s computer work stations, even special areas at the building’s lower sections that are still functional and offer convenience. And a standard of design that does justice to the image cultivation of T-Mobile. It also adds an architectural piece of art to Vienna, it is a plus for the office building typology.

(Liesbeth Wächter-Böhm, short version)