Client: Kollitsch & Wohnwelt Bauträger GmbH
Location: Klagenfurt
Competition: 2019, 3. Rang


The structure of the building, the irregular arrangement of the apartment types with projections and recesses, the emphasis on vertical development create spatial variety and identity. Public, semi-public and private outdoor areas with a correspondingly differentiated design are essential criteria in the conception of the outdoor areas in interaction with the buildings.
A semi-public community area is assigned to the respective houses inside the complex. In the open spaces (squares and green spaces) between the buildings, there is transparency and continuity, and a variety of spatial relationships arise. Differentiated open spaces - park with places to stay /paths / seating - ensure communication, relaxation, peace and intimacy. In addition to the buildings, groups of trees are used to structure the open spaces. The quality of the outdoor spaces continues in the interior with generously glazed living areas with green terraces. A sustainable urban district, taking into account the guiding principles of Smart City and Compact City, with high-quality, contemporary housing, a diverse mix of living, working, services and leisure with high demands on architectural quality will enhance the attractiveness of the entire district. The concept should also offer innovation potential for future developments and integrate and merge the heterogeneous structures of the environment.