Client: LIG-Steiermark
Location: Mureck, Steiermark
Competition: 2005, 1.Preis
Dimensions (usable area): 2.800 m²
Construction period: 2008-2009
Building costs: 6,6 Mio. Euro

Fotos: Paul Ott


The appearance of the new building should correspond with the intended use. With the focus on a school for metal-processing craftsmen, the use and construction-techniques of related materials is being proposed. The character of a factory-hall should be readable. The structure of the building and the vegetation on the roofs should ensure a harmonic transition to the surrounding landscape. Wall-, column- and roofelements are projected as steelskeleton-constructions. The surfaces are constructed by insulated sandwich-paneels with horizontal splices in connection with horizontal window-elements and moving gates. The surface of the precast facade is made of textured aluminium. The open areas between the workshop buildings are overstressed with light, transparent roofs to create open, light-flooded spaces.