Client: Bull Bau GmbH
Location: Spielberg, Steiermark
Dimensions (usable area): 6.600 m2
Construction period: 2013-2015

Fotos: Helmut Pierer


The idea was: the wing as the gateway to the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg. The shape of the wing was derived from the rear wing of a sports car and the striking building was designed as a central entrance building in the axis of the access road to the Red Bull Ring. The visitor moves head-on towards the building, which is divided into two sections: the earth-bound pedestal zone, cut into the grandstand wall and the „Wing“ above. Access to the building is provided via a central foyer with distribution function and subsequent shop and exhibition area. Office and catering areas are located above the foyer and on the second floor - already above the grandstand - a central lounge and two studios in the outdoor area between the pedestal and the wing with a great view above the racetrack. In the actual upper floor, the "Wing Floor" (floor 19m above the forecourt, supported by the two sloping stairs/ supply cores), the office space with side rooms and in the west spacious seminar and event areas are located in the eastern third. Disguised to the south with slats and glazed to the north, room-high glazed towards the racetrack, the best view over the entire area is guaranteed. A steel construction with metal cladding should give this "Wing" the necessary rigidity and weight savings. The wing accommodates a multifunctional room for various events, with a wonderful, allround-view of the entire racetrack arena. The building was designed for around 600 visitors - Formula One events will host the press center here.