Client: WILD Elektronik und Kunststoff GmbH & Co KG
Location: Gerbergasse 6, 9500 Villach
Competition: 2022
Dimensions (usable area): 6.323 m²


A stringent, geometrically simple, quiet structure with a kinked, overhanging main façade in the entrance area creates the balance between compactness and openness, on the one hand to ensure efficient work processes and on the other hand to generate a feel-good atmosphere at the workplace through differentiated, varied spatial experiences in the meeting zone. The open, inviting front façade with the meeting zone contrasts with the otherwise rather closed shell.
The new building with the dominant main facade as a further development of the prismatic form creates a clear and well-arranged entrance situation and good orientation. The façade is a staggered glass façade made up of ribs and bends from sloping overhanging to sloping. The frames are at the same time supporting structure and structuring elements that create a diversification of the appearance. The resulting slats change their appearance from open to closed as you walk or drive past. Viewed from the entrance axis, the glazed façade, which is generously open, closes when viewed from the side thanks to the lamellar effect. The spatial experience is enhanced by the reflection in the adjoining horizontal water surface with terrace. The facade is so overhanging that there is a canopy in the area of ??the front zone. The two longitudinal facades and the rear facade have a simple design, mostly closed, with the necessary service and lighting areas.
The entrance to the building leads to a central, spatially open reception area with a direct line of sight through the multipurpose areas. The reception desk with a waiting area in front separates the open area from the directly adjoining canteen with open terrace. The open appearance, glazing for perspectives, insights, views continues inside the building and leads to clear organization and good inner orientation.